Maxim Kolesnikov

Maxim Kolesnikov, web developer

Python, Django, JS, React

Hi. My name is Max. I am a senior full stack web developer experienced in Python, Django, JavaScript and React.

I’m not just interested in programming. I want to build a product. I want to know the domain I’m working with and I want to be fully involved. I like to participate in project roadmap discussions and make my own proposals.

I’ve worked both remotely and on-site, developing teamwork and communication skills. Russian is my native language and I also speak fluent English (IELTS band score 7.5 or C1 of CEFR). Unlike many other freelancers working from home, I rent an office to stay fully focused on my job.

I respect privacy and security. I never share private data. My laptop is dedicated to my job only and is never shared with anyone. Its storage is heavily encrypted and I have separate devices for my hobbies.

I know every part of web application development from idea to production, so I can take care of server configuration, domain names, project deployment and so on. With my experience, I am able to join existing projects or lead a new one from scratch.

I started programming at the age of 12, and have been doing it commercially since 2013. Here are the most interesting projects I’ve worked on:

  • FoodieOrder. SaaS for restaurant owners who want to get orders online. Initially, I’ve been hired to build two Single Page Applications with React.js. One for consumers and one for managers. One year later I’ve been given a side project consisting of three parts. Web dashboard with React.js. iOS and Android applications for restaurant waiters with React Native. And Python + Django backend for those apps which also integrates with main FoodieOrder project backend written in PHP + Laravel.
  • Education Ecosystem (formerly known as and Videos on Demand and Live streaming education platform. Initially, I’ve been the backend team member, building classic Multi Page Application with Django. Later we decided to migrate to a modern frontend approach like React.js. I signed up for this assignment building REST API and React frontend. As a result, we managed to migrate seamlessly by building a hybrid app with React app for core parts (live streaming, video player and chat) and classic MPA for the rest of the pages.
  • I also have a pet project built by me from scratch. Curiously it is also a food ordering app. Initially created as my thesis work with Python, Django, Vanilla JS it was later sold to a restaurant owner. One year later I added REST API and React. One more year later it evolved into SaaS so I could handle more restaurants. Current stack: Python, Django, DRF, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, Recompose, StyledComponents.

I participate in the Advent of Code every year. It’s a programming challenge that lasts the whole December. That’s where I practice Functional Programming which I’m a huge fan of.

Author of development blog and telegram channel where I share development tips and tricks I personally figured out.

Owner of python developers community with 15k members. I help participants there.

My hobbies are cycling, board games and microcontroller programming with Arduino

Owner of two cats named Fork and Pusha

Listed below are my skills.

  • Python, Django, Django REST Framework, aiohttp, Celery, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, babel, webpack
  • react, hooks, HOCs, recompose, context, redux, effector, styled-components, react-native, gatsby, Next.js
  • TDD, Docker development, Docker deployment, Rancher, GitLab CI
  • Git VCS, regex, Linux, macOS, Windows
  • AWS: EC2, EB, S3, RDS
  • GCP: Google Cloud Functions
  • Tools: macOS, JetBrains PyCharm Pro IDE
  • Devices: MacBook Pro M1 Pro 2021, Windows Laptop, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, iPhone 11, iPad 10.2
  • write me at root@robo______
  • telegram @rob__
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